Robin Bavaro, RN, HN-BC, HWNC-BC
Strategic Communications Consultant
& Holistic Health Coach
“My quest lives on through my mission to help others get to the root of what brings them peace, health, happiness and purpose.” - Robin Bavaro

Journey: Providing care and support is a constant theme woven throughout my life. As a teenager, I found a strong sense of purpose as a nurse’s aide working in my community nursing homes. I still carry this early life experience with me and find myself drawn to helping others. The common thread throughout my non-traditional journey is a desire to do meaningful work that creates tangible results.

My ability to connect with people led to a career in communications, where I served as press secretary to Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino, Massachusetts Speaker of the House Thomas M. Finneran and several public service agencies during my 30 years as a communications professional. These eye-opening roles were life changing and brought a world of personal enlightenment. Each experience, whether related to prisons, water quality, transportation, or the legislative process, directly impacted the human experience and played a large part in creating the person I am today.

Personal life challenges also played a significant role in my evolution. There was a time when I faced my own health issues along with the loss of my dad to cancer. These events were pivotal, inspiring me to follow my instincts to become a nurse. I wanted to understand the inner workings of the body, so that I could better care for myself and others.

I became a registered nurse and soon realized my deeper passion for holistic nursing. I immersed myself in learning and experiencing holistic health practices to find my personal path to whole health. This desire to help myself and the people around me directed my studies toward holistic nurse coaching.

During my holistic training, an opportunity to utilize my communications and nursing knowledge emerged. As a communications specialist for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, I spent the next several years supporting nursing & patient care services. Highlighting the nurse/patient relationship, I collaborated with nurses and patient care providers creating clinical narratives spotlighting the compassionate, quality care they provided. In addition, I created a communications plan for nursing & patient care services and helped to write and edit a quarterly newsletter distributed to all oncology clinical centers and practices.

Upon completion of my holistic training and certifications, I was able to apply my multidimensional background as a consultant to help create North of Boston Cancer Resource (NBCR). NBCR is the first cancer support website designed to help people living with cancer, their families and health care providers in communities north of Boston. I continue to support NBCR as a volunteer, offering holistic health navigation & coaching to those who reach out through the website.

Today as a communications consultant and holistic health coach, I remain mindful that walking the walk is first and foremost. I strive to find balance and joy each day and live with a sense of gratitude. These changes have helped me to live a more centered life.

My quest lives on through my mission to help others get to the root of what brings them peace, health, happiness and purpose.